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What We Do



We aim to protect Whitby’s fishing heritage by conserving the local lobster populations. To do this we will release 100,000 juvenile lobsters into the sea;  protecting the region’s lobster industry for generations to come.



We will provide an educational and interactive centre to showcase the work of the hatchery and marine species native to the UK. We look forward to welcoming members of the public and school groups to learn about the life of lobsters and more.



Our state-of-the-art hatchery system will also serve as an institute of research in partnership with local universities, offering  invaluable experience for marine conservation students through a series of internship programs. 

How It Works?

The core of this project is to ensure the longevity of Yorkshire's lobster populations. We aim to provide a state-of-the-art hatchery system utilising the most up to date technologies. Rearing lobster eggs in a hatchery dramatically increases the chance of egg survival. The juvenile lobsters are then released back to the ocean to boost local lobster populations and maintain a healthy ecological balance into the future. 

We aim that this will in turn feed into the flourishing local lobster industry and a healthy marine environment. Ensuring Whitby and surrounding area will have a lobster population which is sustainable for generations to come. 

At the Whitby Hatchery we believe the work we would be doing carries ecology importance and public interest. Therefore, the Marine Discovery Centre will offer an education and interactive experience for all. We will showcase the story of the hatchery and the life history of the lobster a valuable and iconic species. Additionally, we will display an array of native marine species including octopus, lobsters, and other interesting and interactive creatures. 

Working with a local architect we are looking to revolutionise the appearance and function of the disused section of Whitby’s Fish Market and Pier Road. Incorporating Whitby’s fishing heritage at every stage of the project is important to us. In the concept design of the rejuvenation work Ian Hazard has taken inspiration from a ‘coble’ boat. Local to the North East the ‘coble’ uses a unique style of construction.